Groundwork Creative Co. is a two manned team of designers that strive to take on challenges, problem-solve and pursue creative from the ground up to unearth the most effective solutions.

Brand Designer / Illustrator / Co-Founder

Neil Smalley

Question what design is about, what the objectives are and fearlessly explore ideas that could push a solution to go above people’s expectations!

Neil is a tenacious Brand Designer and Illustrator from Winnipeg, Manitoba. A graduate from Red River College with a decade of working experience, his belief in designing with purpose inspired Groundwork’s culture of embracing process and creative exploration. He has executed high-level design tasks ranging from brand identity to print/packaging design to illustration, having led as a Senior Designer and Art Director in-house and with agencies.

Product Designer / Co-Founder

Chris Reimer

Functionality and Design go hand in hand, a beautiful design is nothing without a great user experience to back it up.

Chris is a UI/UX product designer from Grunthal, Manitoba. He Graduated from the Advanced Graphic Design program from Red River College in 2013 and has evolved from being a strictly print designer to having a strong focus on web. He has a plan it out first, design it second mentality, which really helps him create extremely clean user experiences, while having the design background to push the user interfaces to the next level.